November 3 - December 19, 2015

Nelson's work is very postmodern, mixing minimalism with portraiture without constraints to traditional formats. Most of his paintings are acrylic on linen with several layers of thinned out paint and layered images; many times using several panels to create one piece. His paintings explore issues of style, perception, and narrative. Nelson explains, "I am usually interested in comparing 'this to that'. The impulse is to always have one thing with another - an attempt to have a minimalist composition coexist with subject matter." What comes together is a compelling and mysterious bridge between human form and geometric landscapes.

John Nelson graduated with an MFA from Northern Illinois University in DeKalb and has been working as an artist and living in Quincy for the past 20 years. He came to Quincy with his wife Julie who retired as Executive Art Director of the Quincy Art Center. Both have made a huge difference in the presence and strength of the visual arts in Quincy.