Primarily Pinhole
Handmade Photography in the Digital Age
Closing Reception 5-7pm Friday, March 1
We kick-off our 30th anniversary of the arts with our 2019 exhibition season featuring the photography of Spiffy Tumbleweed January 15 - March 1, in the BCA gallery. OFTA gallery talk is 10am Wednesday, January 16. This exhibit spotlights the process of merging historic pinhole photography with new digital technology. Working under the name Spiffy Tumbleweed, the artist lives and works in South Austin, Texas, and is active with a variety of photographic processes. He had a primary interest in pinhole photography for many years and worked with a variety of different formats and materials. Tumbleweed spends most Sunday afternoons in an old school wet darkroom, and while he enjoys experimenting with a variety of alternative photographic processes, and works in both digital and film, he has a decided preference for black and white film.
Tumbleweed enjoys pinhole photography because he likes to take the gear out of the equation. The image that he makes with pinhole photography is a creation of his eye, his mind, and his understanding of the light and the materials he is using, not his equipment. He likes the surreal look that he can sometimes achieve with pinhole and his most satisfying recent work results more in representation than reality.

He designs and builds his own cameras because he can, and because it brings him great satisfaction to create an image from a device he's also created. Pinhole photography forces him to be deliberate, and to be very much in the moment when he visualizes and then exposes an image. He uses film, paper, and Polaroid, and the material he is shooting strongly influences what and how he shoots, and vice-versa.

Artwork: Night Bloom