April 25 - May 27, 2017
Opening reception 5-7pm Friday, April 28
Old Friends Talk Art 10am Wednesday, May 10

GROUND WAVE: A mid-career exhibition of recent artwork by Sean Culver.
Ground wave: A radio wave propagated along the surface of the Earth.


For his first major exhibition in the region where he was born and raised, artist Sean Culver presents GROUND WAVE. This collection of recent work includes watercolor, ink, acrylic paintings, intaglio prints, daguerreotypes,  architectural sculpture, an optical installation, and a sound installation.

A representational experience of the artist's studio will also be featured, including his actual studio walls, a bookcase full of the artists personal art books, the kitchen table from his grandparent’s former Lake Bracken home, chairs, and the artist himself. Come and have a sit-down with the artist to read, draw, write, or talk about art. Culver will be in the gallery to work with guests the weeks of April 25-29, May 9-13, May 20, and May 23-27 during regular gallery hours.