With & Against the Grain

With & Against the Grain

January 9 - February 17, 2018

OFTA Gallery Talk 10am Wednesday, January 10 

Opening Reception 5-7pm Friday, January 12

Artists Workshops

10-11:30am & 11:30am-1pm Saturday, January 13 

Doc, Dr. Lawrence A. Wiedman, PhD is a landlocked Midwesterner who grew up to be a marine paleo-ecologist. For the past 25 years, he has taught Geology and Biology while directing the Environmental Science Programs at the University of Saint Francis in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Prior to that, he was the chair of the Department of Geology at Monmouth College. His 35-year research interests center on the world’s third largest barrier reef complex off Andros, an island in the Bahamas. Wiedman focuses on assessing the health of coral reefs. A self-taught wood carver since 1980, he has developed his folk art style depicting a unique perspective on nature and strives to show motion and emotion in each of his pieces.

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Ellison-Merging Leibach-Clean Cut

Chad Ellison

Merging Many Moons

Greg Leibach

Clean Cut: Papercuts and Wood Blocks

November 28 - December 28

Join us in the BCA gallery 5-7pm Friday, December 1 for the opening reception of Ellison & Leibach as they round out the 2017 BCA exhibition calendar featuring a cooperative exhibit of recent works. Ellison is an award-winning artist best known for his work in ceramics. With this latest exhibit, he demonstrates equal depth and talent in drawing and painting. His work can be found in multiple collections throughout the Midwest. Leibach’s work is inspired by architecture and patterns often with the use of hard edges. His work has been accepted in national juried exhibitions and he has completed several private commissions. Both Ellison and Leibach have backgrounds in public art works and are fulltime art instructors in the region. 

James Walker Henry Exhibition

When Worlds Collide

October 17 - November 18

An American surrealist painter living in the state of Iowa, Henry’s work addresses social and political issues, documenting events and ideas through paint and brush. His work has been featured in art publications such Manhattan Arts, Surreal Magazine, and New Art Examiner. He has exhibited throughout the country with works in permanent collections of major corporations and private collections around the world including Ireland, France, England, Brazil, South Korea, and Holland.

Opening reception 5-7pm Friday, October 20. See you in the gallery!


Security Savings Bank Photography Show

Buchanan Center for the Arts proudly presents Security Savings Bank 36th Annual Photography Show July 18 – August 19. Opening reception 5–7pm Friday, July 21. Our 2017 juror, Tim Schroll, will present awards at 6pm. Exhibition will include a retrospective from the collection of James Keefe. Click on the link below for categories and more details.

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Sean Culver: Ground Wave

April 25 - May 27, 2017
Opening reception 5-7pm Friday, April 28
Old Friends Talk Art 10am Wednesday, May 10

GROUND WAVE: A mid-career exhibition of recent artwork by Sean Culver.
Ground wave: A radio wave propagated along the surface of the Earth.


For his first major exhibition in the region where he was born and raised, artist Sean Culver presents GROUND WAVE. This collection of recent work includes watercolor, ink, acrylic paintings, intaglio prints, daguerreotypes,  architectural sculpture, an optical installation, and a sound installation.

A representational experience of the artist's studio will also be featured, including his actual studio walls, a bookcase full of the artists personal art books, the kitchen table from his grandparent’s former Lake Bracken home, chairs, and the artist himself. Come and have a sit-down with the artist to read, draw, write, or talk about art. Culver will be in the gallery to work with guests the weeks of April 25-29, May 9-13, May 20, and May 23-27 during regular gallery hours.

Art from the HeARTland

June 6 - July 8, 2017

We have a few surprises waiting for you at our annual Art from the HeARTland opening reception 5-7pm Friday, June 9. This exhibition is sponsored by Aerial Applications. See you in the BCA gallery! 

Artist credit: Douglas Rutzen

Download this file (AftH2017Prospectus.pdf)AFtH 2017 Prospectus[PDF]1206 kB

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49th Annual Town & Country

March 7 - April 13, 2017

The BCA gallery is filled with hundreds of pieces of artwork from our talented K-12th grade students in the Tri-County region. The exhibition is a wonderful partnership with our local schools. Opening reception is 2-4pm on Saturday, March 11 and awards will be presented at 3pm. See you in the gallery!

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A Peace of My Mind: American Stories

January 14 - February 8, 2017
OFTA: 10am Wednesday, February 8
GALLERY TALK: 7pm Wednesday, February 8

A Peace of My Mind American Stories

John Noltner is an award-winning photographer and author based in Minnesota. For more than 20 years, he has told stories with images and words for national magazines, non-profits, and Fortune 500 companies. Noltner will share his experience of driving 40,000 miles across the United States exploring the meaning of peace, one story at a time. This exhibition is in partnership with Monmouth College's Peace, Ethics, and Social Justice Program. See you in the BCA gallery! 

Abstracted Paintings in Oil & Cold Wax

January 24 - February 25, 2017
Larry Davis: Abstracted Paintings in Oil & Cold Wax 

Join us in the BCA gallery for an opening reception is 5-7pm on Friday, January 27 to meet artist, Larry Davis. Davis, a native Iowan, grew up along the Mississippi River. After attaining a BA in Fine Art at the University of Iowa he completed a four-year tour with the USAF in England before returning to the Midwest to begin his professional arts career. In 1986, Davis moved to Jacksonville, Florida, where he took a position at what is now Florida State College at Jacksonville, serving as both a full time Professor of Art, and for many years, as art department coordinator. During this time he finished his Masters Degree studies at Jacksonville University while also pursuing an active artistic output and exhibition schedule. Davis’ undergraduate art experience in the 1960s at the University of Iowa, as well as his graduate studies, left him with an appreciation for both realistic and abstracted art. While he still uses both approaches, the bulk of his current production is in oil/cold wax and focuses on the abstract.

Thomas Foley: Research

January 13, 2017
Please join us from 5-7pm on Friday January 13, 2017, in the BCA gallery for a closing reception of Thomas Foley's Research exhibition. 

Thomas Foley is a sixty-two year old photographer, living in his hometown of Galesburg, Illinois. In 2001, he opened Foley Photo Studio in downtown Galesburg.  His dad, Bill Foley, gave him his first camera and photo lesson in 1964. An avid photographer, Bill Foley opened Midwest Photo Service in 1946. Thomas, like his other seven siblings, worked sweeping the camera store floors when he was still in grade school and worked at becoming a serious photographer from a young age. He earned a BA degree in English from Coe College. He always carries at least one camera with him, not counting his iPhone. The Pentax digital SLR K-3 is his prime camera. Foley still prints black and white photographs in his basement darkroom from film taken with a variety of medium format cameras. The exhibit is dedicated to a departed friend, David Horowitz, a fantastic blues photographer, 1946-2015.

Lessons from Art & Nature

November 8 - December 3, 2016

"A New Enlightenment: Lessons from Art & Nature"
Part of being an artist is recognizing when you need to stop, step back, and let yourself learn. When you make a commitment to learning, you let go of everything you think you already know about yourself and your art. You become vulnerable. You make mistakes. You experiment. You have setbacks. And in the midst of it, you become enlightened. Creativity grows. New directions are discovered. The artist, and the art, matures and becomes stronger. Please join us in the BCA gallery on Friday, November 18th, 5-7pm for the opening reception and meet the artists, Peggy West and Elizabeth Bailey, and discuss their processes. The evening will also feature the music of Brad Shryack. 

Security Savings Bank 35th Annual Photography Show

August 16 - September 17, 2016

Thank you to all who attended our Security Savings Bank 35th Annual Photography Show last night! Special thanks to Security Savings Bank for sponsoring the exhibition and Kent Kriegshauser for jurying the show.
2016 award winners are (by category):

Monmouth College
Best in Category
Tim Stiles - Sunrise Over Monmouth College
Honorable Mention
Tracy Warner - Sundial


Light of Day
Best in Category
Justin Parks - Summer Daze
Honorable Mention
Anne Carman-Hendel - The Barn Window

Best in Category
Dustin Renwick - Six Spokes to a Smile
Honorable Mention
Melissa LaMaster - Like Momma Does

Best in Category
Dustin Renwick - Catenary Curving Clouds
Honorable Mention
Rachel Swigert - Toronto: Old City Hall

Best in Category
Amy Glenn - Rainbow Lorikeet
Honorable Mention
Robert Severin - Sunset Over Young’s Lake

Best in Category
William Bailey - Irrigation Equipment, South of Beardstown
Honorable Mention
Melissa La Master - Thug Feathers

David Mace Memorial Award
Ages 25 years or younger, most promising young photographer. Award is sponsored by Mark Dierker and given in memory of David Mace.
Keirstyn Johnson - Twinning is So Winning - People
Justin Parks - Summer Daze - Light of Day
Jessica Dean - Ella - Light of Day

James Keefe Best of Show
Melissa LaMaster - I Hope You Dance - People

Thank you for your continued support of the arts in our community. This show spotlights the talents of amateur photographers from our region. See you in the gallery!

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Art from the HeARTland

July 5 - August 6, 2016

Art from the Heartland is an opportunity for artists from our region to exhibit and sell their work. As part of our ongoing mission to offer creative and diverse artistic experiences, this exhibition is a wonderful opportunity for area artists and our community to express themselves and enjoy the arts. Please click on the link for further exhibition details. Join us in the BCA gallery for our opening reception is 5-7pm on Friday, July 8.

Download this file (2016AftHProspectus.pdf)2016AftHProspectus.pdf[ ]6012 kB

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48th Annual Town & Country Exhibition

April 5 - May 7, 2016

Showcasing the artistic talent of our students from Warren, Henderson, and Mercer Counties.

Opening reception is 2-4pm on Saturday, April 9, 2016
Awards will be presented at 3pm
This event is free and open to the public.

Gallery Hours:
10am-5pm on Tuesday through Friday
10am-2pm on Saturday

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sartorial elegance

February 23 - March 26, 2016

Opening reception
February 26

Marilyn Tunzi
Custom Quilts

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Mark Dierker: The Stories We Could Tell

January 5 – February 13, 2016

Mark A. Dierker is an award-winning, nationally recognized photographer having shown in juried exhibitions and galleries stretching across the U.S. from Pennsylvania to California. Dierker loves exploring light and how it is interpreted by a camera. He gets much of his inspiration from his frequent travels. His favorite subjects are landscape, portraiture, musical performances, and Americana. Opening reception is from 5-7pm on Friday, January 8, in the BCA gallery. The evening will also feature the soulful blues of Denny Garcia.

Dierker will also give an Old Friends Talk Art (OFTA) gallery talk from 10-11am on Wednesday, January 13 in the BCA Gallery. Both events are open to the public and free of charge.

John Nelson: Without Constraints

November 3 - December 19, 2015

Nelson's work is very postmodern, mixing minimalism with portraiture without constraints to traditional formats. Most of his paintings are acrylic on linen with several layers of thinned out paint and layered images; many times using several panels to create one piece. His paintings explore issues of style, perception, and narrative. Nelson explains, "I am usually interested in comparing 'this to that'. The impulse is to always have one thing with another - an attempt to have a minimalist composition coexist with subject matter." What comes together is a compelling and mysterious bridge between human form and geometric landscapes.

John Nelson graduated with an MFA from Northern Illinois University in DeKalb and has been working as an artist and living in Quincy for the past 20 years. He came to Quincy with his wife Julie who retired as Executive Art Director of the Quincy Art Center. Both have made a huge difference in the presence and strength of the visual arts in Quincy.

Security Savings Bank Photography Show

July 21 - August 22, 2015

Take time out from your busy summer schedule to cool down and stop by the 34th Annual Security Savings Bank Photography Show. Thank you to everyone who joined us for our opening reception and thank you to our juror, Mark Dierker, and our sponsors Security Savings Bank and the Illinois Arts Council Agency, a state agency.

This year's award winners are:
Best of Category
Amy Glenn - Praying Mantis Engagement Photo
Honorable Mention
Rachel Purdy - Romantic Cardinals

Best of Category
Amy Glenn - Just Being Nosey…Eskimo Kisses with Grandpa
Honorable Mention
Melinda Fry - Boy and Frog

Best of Category
Susan Fowler - Bleeding Heart
Honorable Mention
Wendy Huston - Golden Crown

Best of Category
William C. Bailey - Western McDonough County
Honorable Mention
Sharon Knight - Convergence

Best of Category
Sharon Knight - Yellow Shed
Honorable Mention
Margaret Barkley - Working Hands

Best of Show - Jim Keefe Memorial Award
William C. Bailey - Western McDonough County

David Mace Award
Keirstyn Johnson - Don't Look Down
Andrew Ray - Trapped

Also, as we move forward and plan for future shows, the exhibition committee has updated the categories for next year’s photography show. Those categories are:

Monmouth College

We hope this will open your lens even further to explore visual opportunities and we look forward to seeing what the new categories will bring.

Download this file (PhotoShow2015.pdf)PhotoShow2015.pdf[ ]695 kB

Art from the HeARTland

June 9 - July 11, 2015

Art from the HeARTland spotlights the talented artists we are fortunate to have living in our region. Local and regional artists remind us of how much talent we have right here at home! Opening reception is 5-7pm on Friday, June 12. This year's juror is Tyler Hennings, Tyler has taught art in the area for over a decade and is a working painter.

This year's award winners are:

Best of Show
John Van Kirk - California Winery

Works on Paper
Mandy Robertson - Fine and Dandy


Mixed Media
Carine Brown - Red Dress Dancer

Douglas Rutzen - Whose Woods These Are

Susan Fowler - Peace

Brian Thie - Iron Rose

Susan Lawhorn - With a Little Hope

Honorable Mention
Mandy Robertson - Jenna in the Snow
Jane Inness Youngquist - Sunflower Magic
James Henry - Predecessor

Download this file (HeARTland2015.pdf)HeARTland2015.pdf[ ]181 kB

47th Annual Town & Country Exhibition

April 28 - May 23, 2015

Students from Warren, Henderson, and Mercer Counties have joined forces to bring us this creative and joyful exhibition. Thank you to everyone for attending the 47th Annual Town & Country Exhibition opening Saturday, May 2, 2015, and for all of the volunteers in our community who helped make this exhibition possible. The award winners:

Kindergarten – 5th Grade
Mathew Strange - Tree - Oil Pastel on Tooling Foil - M-R Harding Primary
6th Grade – 8th Grade
Jonah Lester - Untitled Work - Acrylic - United Junior High School
9th Grade – 12th Grade
Konstanze Fowler - Hermione - Spray Paint - Monmouth-Roseville High School

YOUNGBLOOD AWARD – For Artistic Promise and Potential
Kindergarten – 5th Grade
Graham Young - Op-Art - Marker & Color Pencil - M-R Central Intermediate School
6th Grade – 8th Grade
Alec Vancil - Deer - Metal - West Central Middle School
9th Grade – 12th Grade
Christopher Durdle - Untitled - Ceramic - Monmouth-Roseville High School

GRACE BUCHANAN AWARD – For Best Use of Medium
Hannah Vestal - Poison Dart Frogs - Monmouth-Roseville High School
Pastels (chalk, charcoal, crayon)
Elise Blaesing - Still Life - M-R Harding Primary
Tara Watson - Jungle Fever - Monmouth-Roseville High School
Pen, Ink, Pencil
Jenna Shafer - Untitled Work - West Central High School
Alex Valdez - Helllllloooo! - Monmouth-Roseville High School
Brittany Blackledge - Untitled Work - West Central High School
Katie Daugherty - Keet - Monmouth-Roseville Junior High School
Lauren Barton - Compliments - Mercer County High School
Mixed Media
Tara Watson - Colorful Wisdom - Monmouth-Roseville High School

SUSAN TWOMEY INNOVATION AWARD – The artwork that stands out among a sea of artwork and shows tremendous promise.
Carlea Kiddoo - Self-Portrait - Charcoal - Mercer County High School

If you won an award and were unable to attend the opening, please stop by the BCA and pick up your award. 

Download this file (TownandCountry.pdf)TownandCountry.pdf[ ]321 kB