Old Friends Talk Art: Sacrificial Art

Old Friends Talk Art
10am Wednesday, April 13
"Sacrificial Art"

Chris Dokolasa will focus on Sacrificial Art in the BCA gallery.
After retiring from a 34-year career of teaching art in the Galesburg School District, Chris quickly started plans to build her studio primarily for clay work. Although Chris has left her teaching career behind, occasionally she shares her studio with small classes in ceramics. As a full time artist, stoneware clay is the main media for both functional and sculptural works. Chris also loves to create two dimensional drawings and paintings using a variety of media. Pen and ink, colored pencil, pastel, watercolor, and acrylic paints are some of the media used to create with.

Old Friends Talk Art: Pollination

Old Friends Talk Art 
10am Wednesday, March 9

Pollination is THE crucial event in a plant’s life - essential for production of seed and future generations. Martha Smith, Horticulture Educator, University of Illinois Extension, will talk about the different types of pollinators and strategies to attract them. She will introduce you to both native and non-native plants that serve as larval food and nectar sources, and offer garden design tips. Participants will learn about excellent resources available to help them design their own pollinator garden. See you at OFTA!



Old Friends Talk Art: Planning

Old Friends Talk Art
10am Wednesday, December 9

December's OFTA will be planning session. We will meet in the gallery to evaluate the past year's programming and plan for future gallery talks. See you there!



Old Friends Talk Art: Judi Minor

Old Friends Talk Art
10am Wednesday, October 14
Artistic processes and evolution

Join us in the BCA gallery for Old Friends Talk Art. Judi Minor, fused glass artist, will speak about her artistic processes and the evolution of her work as influenced by her travels throughout the US and Murano, Italy.
This program is free and open to the public. Refreshments will be served.

Old Friends Talk Art: Frank Saliani

Old Friends Talk Art
10am Wednesday, September 9
64 Arts juror

September's OFTA will feature a gallery talk by Frank Saliani, ceramic artist and this year's 64 Arts juror. Join us in our gallery to meet and listen to Frank's thoughts and selection process on creating this nationally recognized exhibition. Refreshments will be served. This program is free and open to the public.

Old Friends Talk Art: Warped Weavers

Old Friends Talk Art
10am Wednesday, August 12

What is Tromp-As-Writ? Did you know this group of fiber artists meets weekly at the Buchanan Center for the Arts? Join us for Tromp-As-Writ Presents the Warped Weavers.
Weaving is one of the oldest art forms. Our local Tromp-As-Writ group will present an interactive demonstration and lively conversation on this beautiful art form. Refreshments will be served. This program is free and open to the public.

Old Friends Talk Art: Doug Rankin

Old Friends Talk Art
10am Wednesday, July 8, 2015
"George Washington Slept Here"

You're invited to join us in the BCA Gallery to hear Professor Doug Rankin, Monmouth College Theatre Department, present his creative processes for designing and building the scenery for "George Washington Slept Here" a First Street Armoury production at the Fusion Theatre.

Old Friends Talk Art: Michael Godsil

Old Friends Talk Art
10am Wednesday, June 10
“A Southwest Desert Photography Retrospective”

A Photo Talk by Michael Godsil, Photography Instructor at Knox College
At the OFTA meeting, Knox College Photography Instructor Michael Godsil will present a photo talk about his more than 30 years of photographing Anasazi Indian ruins and desert landscapes in the Four Corners area of the American desert southwest. His most recent trip to that area was in mid-March of this year, when he led a group of eight Knox College photography students on an 8-day trip for a SW Desert Photo Workshop course during the college spring break.

His photo talk will include a retrospective selection of his images with commentary about the various ruins sites. There will be some desert landscape images and discussion of how using stitched, digital panorama images is a solution to capturing and better conveying the wide expanses of the desert landscape. In addition, he will offer some hints for improving your photographic composition. The talk will be suitable for all levels of photography enthusiasts, or those who just enjoy seeing photographs from the beautiful American Southwest.
Looking forward to seeing you at OFTA!

Old Friends Talk Art: Tim Pahel

Old Friends Talk Art 
10am Wednesday, May 13
"Choirs, Collaborations, and the Verdi Requiem"

Join us at the BCA to hear Tim Pahel, Assistant Professor and Director of Choral Activities, present "Choirs, Collaborations, and the Verdi Requiem." He will discuss the Verdi Requiem, the choirs at Monmouth College, and their collaborative efforts.
Additionally, mark your calendars and plan to attend the performance of the Requiem at 7:30pm on Saturday, May 2 at Central Congregational Church in Galesburg.

Old Friends Talk Art: Kari Houle

Old Friends Talk Art 
10am Wednesday, April 8
"Crazy About Container Gardening"

Kari Houle, Extension Educator - Horticulture
With nicer weather in the forecast, it looks like springtime weather is finally here - although with Illinois weather you never know! Kari will present ways to shape a lovely garden and suggestions for beautiful containers to enjoy all summer.

Old Friends Talk Art: Fertile Ground

Old Friends Talk Art 
10am Wednesday, March 11

"Penn Stewart's debut novel Fertile Ground"

"Riveting Mystery" set during WW II  
Knox Robinson Publishing author, Penn Stewart, spent over six years researching and composing his debut novel, Fertile Ground. Stewart holds an MFA in creative writing from the University of Memphis and a doctorate in English from the University of Nebraska. His research for the novel included an in-depth investigation of closed congressional hearings held in 1938; J. Edgar Hoover made the case for a threat assessment of east coast German social clubs known as bunds and was granted authorization to conduct covert surveillance and infiltrate the clubs. Stewart conducted extensive research and traveled to several locations to examine archived material detailing the arrest, transportation, and internment of German nationals and American citizens of German descent in the early stages of the war. Prisoners were held in numerous camps located across the United States, including Fort Lincoln, which is located just south of Bismarck, North Dakota and is where a portion of the novel takes place.

Old Friends Talk Art: Mike Luna

Old Friends Talk Art
10am Wednesday, February 11

Mike Luna will instruct us on the finer points of patinas on wooden and metal antiques.