Old Friends Talk Art: Fertile Ground

Old Friends Talk Art 
10am Wednesday, March 11

"Penn Stewart's debut novel Fertile Ground"

"Riveting Mystery" set during WW II  
Knox Robinson Publishing author, Penn Stewart, spent over six years researching and composing his debut novel, Fertile Ground. Stewart holds an MFA in creative writing from the University of Memphis and a doctorate in English from the University of Nebraska. His research for the novel included an in-depth investigation of closed congressional hearings held in 1938; J. Edgar Hoover made the case for a threat assessment of east coast German social clubs known as bunds and was granted authorization to conduct covert surveillance and infiltrate the clubs. Stewart conducted extensive research and traveled to several locations to examine archived material detailing the arrest, transportation, and internment of German nationals and American citizens of German descent in the early stages of the war. Prisoners were held in numerous camps located across the United States, including Fort Lincoln, which is located just south of Bismarck, North Dakota and is where a portion of the novel takes place.

Old Friends Talk Art: Mike Luna

Old Friends Talk Art
10am Wednesday, February 11

Mike Luna will instruct us on the finer points of patinas on wooden and metal antiques.