Old Friends Talk Art
10am Wednesday, June 10
“A Southwest Desert Photography Retrospective”

A Photo Talk by Michael Godsil, Photography Instructor at Knox College
At the OFTA meeting, Knox College Photography Instructor Michael Godsil will present a photo talk about his more than 30 years of photographing Anasazi Indian ruins and desert landscapes in the Four Corners area of the American desert southwest. His most recent trip to that area was in mid-March of this year, when he led a group of eight Knox College photography students on an 8-day trip for a SW Desert Photo Workshop course during the college spring break.

His photo talk will include a retrospective selection of his images with commentary about the various ruins sites. There will be some desert landscape images and discussion of how using stitched, digital panorama images is a solution to capturing and better conveying the wide expanses of the desert landscape. In addition, he will offer some hints for improving your photographic composition. The talk will be suitable for all levels of photography enthusiasts, or those who just enjoy seeing photographs from the beautiful American Southwest.
Looking forward to seeing you at OFTA!