Old Friends Talk Art
10am Wednesday, March 8
"Connecting Through Art in Africa"

Join us in the BCA gallery to hear Miriam McAuley present Connecting Through Art in Africa. McAuley earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Studio Arts from Dordt College in Sioux Center, Iowa. She grew up and worked in East Africa, and during her time there, she had the privilege of observing many cultures. Through the pages of her sketchbook, she sought to learn about the places she lived and visited including Africa, the Middle East, and Europe. McAuley captured the beauty around her through her photography and sketches. Her artistic practices and processes brought her joy and challenged her to be observant. McAuley shared, “Sketching can be a wonderful conversation starter.” Affirming the traditional art forms of the cultures she lived in was also important to her. Over two years living among the Samburu people in Kenya, she learned a lot about communication through cultural art forms. McAuley will share some of what she learned about traditional Samburu arts, and how she was able to use her own art and artistic talents in that community, as well as her artist residency in Morocco.