BCA Artist in Residence, Natalie Curtis, is teaching a summer series of art classes 3-4pm Mondays at Costello Terrace Community Room on Harlem Avenue in Monmouth. The classes are free and open to the public. Each week offers a new opportunity to explore and create in a new medium. You can attend one or all in the series from June 10 - August 5, 2019.

Refreshments, materials, and instructions are provided. Please call 309-734-3033 to reserve your spot today! 

Upcoming Classes: 

June 10: Jellyfish Water Color Painting

Learn to mix colors and explore fun water color painting techniques. Follow step-by-step instructions to create your own colorful painting of jellyfish in the ocean.

June 17 and 24: Paper Lanterns

Create two different colorful paper lanterns using a hole-punching technique or paper maché. Follow a pattern, create your own designs, or even represent your favorite sports team to decorate your paper lanterns.

July 1: Black and White Boards

Learn the principles of design and use them to create an engaging abstract art piece. Apply a cut-and-stick method to arrange a series of black and white shapes into your own piece of modern art.

July 8:Acrylic Painting

Try your hand at painting on canvas. Learn acrylic painting techniques and follow step-by-step instructions to paint your own relaxing sunset scene.

July 15: Coaster, Picture Frames, and Magnets

Collage and decorate your own drink coasters, picture frames, and glass magnets. Decorate using pictures and clippings from recycled magazines to create colorful patterns.

July 22: Oil Pastel Drawing

Learn oil pastel drawing and blending techniques. Have fun creating a bright and colorful drawing of fruits that is perfect for summer!