Kendall S. Thompson is a young artist hailing from Galesburg, Illinois. Born in the suburbs of Chicago, he and his family moved to Galesburg in 1999. He attended Monmouth College, graduating in 2017, with a bachelor’s degree in art. He is currently employed at the Galesburg Civic Art Center where he installs exhibitions and coordinates educational programs. He is also a part-time art educator for local elementary and middle school students. 
Thompson's inspiration comes primarily from a childhood love of cartoons. These kind of images have influenced his choice of color, pattern, and design in painting. Different colors and color combinations that appear in his work are also reminiscent of team logos in professional sports. A love of sports and competition is another aspect of Thompson's life experience that is subtly worked into his art-making process. The act of art-making is very important to him. Thompson uses his art as a way to connect with others around him. He works primarily in acrylic and creates compositions using heavily geometric forms and bold, contrasting colors. Most of Thompson's work is highly abstracted, leaving it up to the viewer to interpret the meaning of each piece. By allowing different interpretations, Thompson is able to connect with each viewer in a new way.
Thompson's work is currently on display in our James Keefe gallery through the end of February.
Instagram: _kendallt_
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